This is a very little story of a very great man. It contains only a few of the wonderful adventures he met, and the splendid deeds he did. Most of them may never be written. Perhaps they may be lived again in the lives of some of the readers. Who knows?

Even this brief account of Dr. Mackay's life could not have been written had it not been for the help of many kind friends. The Rev. R.P. Mackay, D.D., of Toronto, Canada, who visited Formosa, and met many of the people mentioned in this story, gave me great assistance. Mr. Alexander Mackay, brother of the hero of this book, was very kind in telling many interesting tales of boyhood in Zorra. My most untiring and painstaking assistant has been the Rev. J. B. Fraser, M.D., of Annan, Ontario, formerly of Formosa. You will find him among the many heroes of this story. To his kind and careful oversight is due much that gives this little book any value as a history. The life of Dr. Mackay in Far From Formosa, compiled by Dr. J. A. MacDonald, editor of the Toronto Globe, has been my chief source of information. Indeed this story has been taken almost entirely from its pages, and owes Dr. MacDonald much thanks.

And now there is just one more favor it asks, that you who read it may in some measure strive to catch the great spirit of its hero.

Marian Keith.
Toronto, Canada, April 24, 1912.

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