The Travels
of Odoric of Pordenone

Chapter 1
Here beginneth the Journal of Friar Odoricus, of the Order of the Minorites, concerning Strange Things which he saw among the Tartars of the East

Chapter 2
Of the Manners of the Chaldaeans, and of India

Chapter 3
How Pepper is had: and where it groweth

Chapter 4
Of a Strange and Uncouth Idol: and of certain Customs and Ceremonies

Chapter 5
Of certain Trees yielding Meal, Honey, and Poison

Chapter 6
Of the Abundance of Fishes, which cast themselves upon the Shore

Chapter 7
Of the Island of Sylan: and of the Mountain where Adam mourned for his son Abel

Chapter 8
Of the Upper India: and of the Province of Mancy

Chapter 9
Of the City Fuco

Chapter 10
Of a Monastery where many strange beasts of divers kinds do live upon an hill

Chapter 11
Of the City of Cambaleth

Chapter 13
Of certain inns or hospitals appointed for travellers throughout the whole Empire

Chapter 14
Of the four feasts which the great Can solemnizeth every year in his Court

Chapter 15
Of divers Provinces and Cities

Chapter 16
Of a certain rich man, who is fed and nourished by fifty virgins

Chapter 17
Of the Death of Senex de monte

Chapter 18
Of the honour and reverence done unto the great Can

Chapter 19
Of the Death of Friar Odoricus

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